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A key opportunity to immediately work towards decarbonization

Airovation achieves over 95% conversion of carbon emissions from SMR (steam methane reforming) production, yielding hydrogen produced from natural gas and supported by carbon capture and storage.


This variety of hydrogen stands poised to be the bridge between where we are at this moment — a moment when around 36 billion tons of CO2 are emitted to the atmosphere each year — into a future of net-zero carbon emissions.

Based on where technology stands today, it could take decades to produce the renewable energies that can support zero-carbon emissions in the capacities that the world requires. In the interim, “blue hydrogen” produced by Airovation presents a key opportunity to immediately work towards decarbonization.


Airovation is collaborating on a two-phase scaleup process for carbon capture at South Korea-based Kolon Industries Inc.’s manufacturing facility, towards joint commercialization. Building on the momentum of the newly ratified Israel-South Korea free trade agreement, the new MOU is poised to take the countries’ partnership to the next level.

The Blue Bridge

Blue Hydrogen is the enabling fuel for a clean future

Airovation's innovative technology captures carbon directly from point source, turning Grey Hydrogen into Blue Hydrogen. 

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