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Airosphera to Showcase Breakthrough New Category of Personalized Air Reforming Solutions at CES

Airosphera will preview a new concept that utilizes AI and unique sensing capabilities to personalize indoor environments for wellbeing and performance.


Ness Ziona, Israel, December 22, 2022 — Airosphera, a brand-new company powered by Airovation Technologies, will be among the leading innovators to display a whole new category and concept — personalized air reforming — at the CES 2023 Conference from January 5-8 in Las Vegas.


Conference attendees will have the chance to witness an exclusive sneak peek at the unique AI-driven air reforming solutions, which personalize a variety of environments for personal wellbeing and performance, whether it be at home, at work, or in other indoor spaces.


Airosphera is collaborating with leading brands in home appliances, air purification and other relevant markets to embed its technology and AI capabilities into their products in a variety of ways and for several usage scenarios. The new products are the result of years of research as well as the efforts of a seasoned, multidisciplinary team at Airovation Technologies.


“Airosphera’s products utilize personalized air reforming to create an unparalleled ecosystem that supports wellbeing and high performance for a wide variety of users,” said Marat Maayan, Founder & CEO at Airovation Technologies. “We are eager and highly gratified to be showcasing this first-of-its-kind category at CES. The demonstration will build on our existing momentum from recently formed partnerships with several leading corporations that are active in air care and home appliances. Having already seen our technology in action, these companies are working with us to develop their own products which leverage the benefits of Airosphera technology. This development strengthens our view that the market needs such solutions, and that we possess the technology that can truly improve people’s lives.”


The technology behind Airosphera’s personalized air reforming products utilizes AI capability, along with a unique remote sensing ability and cloud processing, to produce an all-in-one solution designed to create the optimal personal indoor environment. That environment is customized for each individual user. Machine learning technology enables bio-sensing to continuously monitor actions such as heart rate, breathing rate, and daily routine — all remotely. Along with manually inserted data, this creates personalized baseline parameters for the optimal breathing environment. These products will stand out in the market by activating air treatment, monitoring the user’s important vital parameters, and through an accompanying app, instructing users on how to improve their environment.


Crucially, and unlike air purifiers, Airosphera’s personalized air reforming products also deal with CO2 levels — including some products that can actually capture and balance the buildup of this harmful gas, as well as treat particulate and microbiological pollutants within indoor spaces, thereby improving people’s productivity and wellbeing. Clinical trials have shown that CO2 accumulation has a negative impact on personal concentration and performance in a variety of ways. For instance, research shows that accumulation of CO2 while sleeping causes decreased cognitive performance the next day.


At the CES conference, the booth of Infineon Technologies, which collaborates with Airosphera on remote sensing technology, will host a demonstration of Airosphera’s forthcoming air reforming products. This will include sneak previews of several products made to assist people in different scenarios:


Airosphera Pro, which improves the air around users, and helps them become aware of their vitals and surroundings in order to help improve focus, productivity and learning skills. For students, the product enhances their learning experience by reflecting accurate real-time performance and improving air; or suggesting other ambient changes to ensure concentration focus for effective learning. For professionals in the workplace, Airosphera Pro improves the air around them for healthier breathing and establishes each user’s customized concentration profile, reflecting in real-time when they lose focus and recommending how they can regain it.


Airosphera Junior, an all-in-one air control solution for babies. The device, equipped with multi-sensors, measures and reflects the environmental and baby’s conditions, and treats the air to improve the baby’s wellbeing. One compact device, connected to a user-friendly smartphone app, not only gives parents peace of mind but also helps them avoid working with multiple products and applications in order to ensure their baby’s health and safety.


Airo, the ultimate high-end air reformer, a novel air treatment device that reforms air quality for users’ vitality, wellbeing and improved performance. Airo not only clears the air from contaminates, VOCs, airborne viruses or bacteria, but also captures CO2. Removal of CO2 is essential to improving everything from work, learning, sleep and even everyday conversations. Airo can be deployed in any location, from the bedroom to the office meeting room.



About Airosphera


Airosphera is the new Indoor Wellness division of Airovation Technologies, an innovative climate-tech company that provides original, patented air purification and carbon capture solutions. Airosphera’s first-of-their-kind personalized air reforming solutions promote an innovative concept of air treatment for home, work, or other indoor spaces. Its technology utilizes AI capability, along with a unique sensing ability and cloud processing, to produce an all-in-one solution designed to create the optimal personal indoor environment, customized for each individual user. For more information, please visit:

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