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A sneak peek to the most advanced carbon capture and storage solution

Airovation’s superoxide-based CO2 to mineral conversion technology creates high-purity carbonates and bicarbonates. The sale of these carbon negative, valuable end-products creates profitable carbon capture opportunities in various heavy industries. The core technology was tested and proven at the UL Laboratories in Chicago, on high-concentration CO2 streams.

Crystal Salt

Improved Mineralization

The key breakthrough is the in-situ generation of superoxide radical, the strongest oxidizer in nature. Polluted flue gas is passed directly from the smoke stack through a carbon capture reactor featuring Airovation’s superoxide technology and mineralized in real-time.  The creation of high quality, industrial and food grade mineral byproducts opens exciting opportunities to create carbon capture, mineralization plants onsite of polluting factories. The kinetic advantages of the superoxide treatment process enable small footprint, low energy cost capture facilities that allows a creditable trade of low carbon products. The viability of this circular economic approach creates exciting opportunities for commercialization and scale of a leading emerging carbon capture technology.

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