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Carbon Negative Fertilizers & Materials

Enable hard-to-abate industries to progress towards net-zero by profitably valorizing point-source CO2 emissions into industrial carbon-negative chemicals

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Capturing carbon from point sources, along with repurposing phosphogypsum waste, facilitates the establishment of a circular economy by transforming these materials into valuable resources such as fertilizers and minerals.

~280M T/yr Global Phosphogypsum waste stacked yealy 

> 1B tons Phosphogypsum waste stacked in Florida alone

Phosphogypsum waste (that is piling up yearly in billions of tones worldwide) is also used as
raw material in the process of mineralization, together with the CO2 airovation produces
Sopheric acid, calcium carbonate and ammonium sulfate that are the basis of a wide range
of carbon negative products such as fertilizers, Concrete, Steel, plastic, paper and more...

CCUS Diagram


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Innovative CO2 Mineralization for Sustainability

The type of mineralization process that is pioneered by Airovation represents a new, cutting-edge approach to capturing, utilizing and storing CO2.

CO2 is immediately mineralized to create valuable chemical products that are used for
various commercial applications.

the process relies on low power, small footprint requirements without a need
for the sequestration, pressurizing, storage or transportation of CO2 gas. Instead, the sale of
mineral by-products creates positive operational profit

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Targeting Massive Markets

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