Carbon 2 Value

Innovative carbon capture technology in a wide range of applications

Carbon Capture Mineralization & Utilization
Point source carbon capture with extreme kinetic advantages


Carbon Neutral Glass

Circular Economy - Capturing carbon from point source, turning it to minerals and feeding it back to the glass production cycle


Over 90% conversion of carbon emissions from SMR production, to turn grey hydrogen to blue hydrogen

Blue Hydrogen

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Glass Bottle Production

Circular Carbon Economy

 ​The plant’s carbon emissions are efficiently captured and utilized

as raw materials in a circular process.  

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The Blue Bridge


Blue Hydrogen is the enabling fuel for a clean future

Airovation's innovative technology captures carbon directly from point source, turning Grey Hydrogen into Blue Hydrogen. 

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Our Mission is to impact the well-being of people and environmental sustainability by improving air quality. Our Core Value is to turn challenges into opportunities, setbacks into comebacks, and the impossible into the possible.


Airovation Technologies is an innovative Air-Tech company that provides original, patented air purification and carbon capture solutions. Based on over 10 years of R&D at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the core technology can efficiently and economically capture and convert CO2 into valuable carbonate and bi-carbonate mineral end-products and oxygen. Additionally, this technology is capable of purifying indoor air spaces by oxidizing dangerous microbiological threats such as viruses and bacteria while converting harmful gases into oxygen-enriched clean air. The key technological breakthrough is the in-situ generation of superoxide radical, the strongest oxidizer in nature. Airovation develops solutions for indoor air treatment as well as industrial carbon capture.

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