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Innovative carbon capture and utilization  technology in a wide range of applications

Airovation Technologies is a leading provider of innovative climate-tech solutions

Our groundbreaking carbon capture technology efficiently deals with high concentrations of carbon dioxide, and simultaneously allows a circular economy. By transforming carbon dioxide into valuable industrial minerals and products that can be used across a wide range of industries, Airovation presents an economically viable answer to one of the greatest challenges that humanity is facing.

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Carbon Capture Mineralization & Utilization
Point source carbon capture with extreme kinetic advantages


Carbon Neutral Glass

Enabling a circular economy by capturing carbon from point source, turning it to minerals and feeding it back to the glass production cycle


Over 90% conversion of carbon emissions from SMR production, turning gray hydrogen to blue hydrogen

Blue Hydrogen


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our technology

Improved Mineralization 

Developed over a decade of research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Airovation Technologies’ core innovation is the in-situ generation of Superoxide Radical, the most powerful oxidizer in nature. Our patented chemical invention is able to transform carbon dioxide emissions into valuable minerals and products that can be used in the food, feed, glass and fertilizer industries. The company’s unique solution provides a completely novel approach within the mineralization sector, which in collaboration with leading EPC companies and mineral traders, can produce unrivaled profitability and utilization.


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Circular Carbon Economy

A circular economy in which companies utilize the carbon emitted during the production process is essential in securing a sustainable future. The benefits of this circular economy will reach a point where it will become the preferred course of action for mitigation and the way of the future for how sectors such as the glass industry operate.


The type of mineralization process that is pioneered by Airovation represents a new, cutting-edge approach to capturing and utilizing CO2 form commercial minerals. Crucially, Airovation’s process is unaffected by variations in degrees of CO2 pressure or concentration. CO2 is immediately mineralized to create valuable chemical products that are used for various commercial applications.


How exactly does it work? Airovation’s oxidation technology converts carbon dioxide into high-grade valuable minerals, capturing and utilizing CO2 in a single process with over 90% utilization. This point source capture is able to deal with high-concentrate flue gas, which is passed directly from the smokestack through a carbon capture reactor featuring Airovation’s superoxide technology, and is mineralized in real-time. Additionally, the process relies on low power, small footprint requirements without a need for the sequestration, pressurizing, storage or transportation of CO2 gas. Instead, the sale of mineral by-products creates positive operational profit.

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